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3D Stickbaits
3D Stickbaits

3D Stickbaits in Ballyhoo, Squid, Mullet, or Peanut Dolphin are perfect for any Dredge Teaser, while the Peanut Bunker and Eels are perfect for any Umbrella Rig or Chain for targeting Stripers.

Constructed from an acrylic material with a thickness of 1/8", 3D Stickbaits will far outlast anything else there is on the market (especially the soft strips).  They will stand up to billfish swipes and pesky dolphin nibbles without having to be replaced.

3D Stickbaits come in 8 different colors to choose from, and all have a high impact silver reflective tape on the other side [with the exception of Black Tide and GLOW Baits]. This reflective material is without a doubt the sturdiest there is.  All baits, except for the eels, have large brilliant 3D eyes.

Our newest additions, Peanut Bunker and Eels, are perfect for Striper fishing and extremely effective.  Bluefish can hang on the baits and may scratch them, but you won't have to replace them like the rubber shads etc.

3D Stickbaits will change forever how you rig Dredge Teasers, Umbrella Rigs, and anything else you were using natural or rubber baits on.  And it's a change you'll love.  
 Item #  Description  Price   
 001 - 5DP  Peanut Bunker 5in Pack of 6  $19.95  Add to Cart
 001 - 6SS  Spanish Sardine 6in Pack of 6  $21.95  Add to Cart
 001 - 7DE  Eels 7in Pack of 6  $14.95  Add to Cart
 001 - 9DB  Ballyhoo 9in Pack of 6  $24.95  Add to Cart
 001 - 9DM  Mullet 9in Pack of 6  $29.95  Add to Cart
 001 - 9SQ  Squid 9in Pack of 6  $29.95  Add to Cart
 001 - VTR  Flash Teasers 4in x 11in Pack of 3  $29.95  Add to Cart
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