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Tournament Cable offers many educational opportunities throughout the year. From Kids' Seminars, to Advanced Rigging & Knots, our pro staff, including Chuck Richardson, takes the time to pass on their knowledge and the love of the sport. For a seminar schedule, details or availability on any of these seminars, please contact us at 800 979 FISH(3474).

Rigging Seminars -
By far our most-attended events of the year, the Tournament Cable Rigging Seminars cover a full range of topics, and address everything from the basic to the detailed. With a focus on Q&A and on the educational interests of the fishermen attending, these seminars are unique and tailored to the individuals attending. Guest captains and other industry leaders are often on hand to present as well. General topics covered include

Bait Rigs & Bait Rigging:
* Ballyhoo Rigs - CIrcle & J Hooks, both single & double
* Butter Fish Rigs - Standard and Traps
* Squid Rigs - Single & Double
* Mullet Rigs - Single & Double
* Spanish Mackerel - Single
* Dredge Teaser Baits - Mullet & Ballyhoo
* Bait Prep
* Bait Storage

Wind-On Leaders & Top Shots:
* Splicing Hollow Core
* Proper Serving of Splice - Two Methods
* Loop to Loop Connections - Applying & Attaching a Wind-On or Top Shot
* Tips & Myths regarding Wind-Ons & Top Shots
* Double Splice Hollow Core

Forming a Loop in the Main Line:
* Spider Hitch
* Australian Braid
* Splice Dacron or Spectra to form loops

Jigging Assist Hooks:
* Splicing Hollow Core - Attaching Hooks
* Applying Heat-Shrink Tubing

Spreader & Splash Bars:
* Choosing the Proper Flex - Light, Medium, Heavy & Extra Heavy
* Matching Teaser Baits to Bars
* Proper Balancing
* Rigging Teaser Baits
* Rigging the Main Line
* Rigging Stinger Baits
* Spacing of Teaser Baits
* Rigging to Prevent Squids from Turning Inside Out
* Adding a Leader to Bars
* Matching Size Bar to Tackle

Crimping & Rigging:
* Types of Crimps
* Types of Crimping Tools
* When to Crimp and When to Tie

Planers & Planer Bridles:
* Matching Planer to Rod & Reel
* Attaching a Bridle to a Main Line
* Running a Planer from a cleat

* Splicing 3-Strand Rope - Dock Lines & Tail Ropes
* Harpoon Dart Line
* Lure Rigging - Single & Double Hooks
* Applying Hook Sets - How, When & Why
* Chafe Tube - Springs, Thimbles or Tubing
* Haywire Twists

Rigging Seminars are open to the public, but private seminars are available upon request for groups of 15 or more.

Kids Seminars -

This annual event is specifically for kids aged 5 - 13. A half-day seminar focused on the basics of offshore fishing, kids learn hands-on how to crimp and make daisy chains, how to rig a spreader bar, how to rig lures/stingers, how to tie a few basic knots, and how to rig a basic ballyhoo. SeaTow has partnered with us in this event the last few years to bring a boater safety presentation for the kids as well. Usually followed up by a pizza party for the attendees, this event arms kids with the knowledge and the gear to start their offshore fishing careers early, and gives kids the opportunity to actually make tackle they can then go out and use. Kids must be accompanied by a chaperone to help with the hands-on learning process. Clips from previous Kids Seminars can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIX2_2E93Nw and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqPaJE72s-4.
Private Kids Seminars are available throughout the year upon request, but at least 10 children must be registered and confirmed to be in attendance.

Open House -
Open Houses are held throughout the year, and though much more informal than the Rigging Seminars, Q&A remains a focus of the day. Attendees are also welcome to bring their own gear for help rigging, or just to use the facilities and tools. Usually coupled with coffee and donuts, Open Houses normally run from 8am - 1pm, and are a wonderful time to sit and visit with other area fishermen and exchange ideas, tips, techniques and fish stories.

Tournament Cable Facilities Tour
Shorter in duration and available to groups or individuals, stop by any time to see the office, showroom and shop. We simply ask that you call ahead with groups of 15 or more.

Private Clubs/Group Seminars -
Seminars, Open Houses and Tours are available to private groups and clubs upon request. Topics and subject matter are custom tailored to the needs of the group. Minimum of 15 attendees must be guaranteed, and seminars must be scheduled no less than 6 weeks in advance. Call 800 979 FISH(3474) for details.
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