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What's new at Tournament Cable?!
Keep scrolling to stay current on all of our newest products, recent additions, and more!

NEW - Spooling Capabilities

Click on the images to go to the link.
We now offer LP Spools filled with braided line for deep dropping.
2500 yards of 80lb Hi-Vis, packed to 25lbs of pressure.

Folds in half and takes up far less room to stow!

- Sold individually, or in sets of 4 and 6
- Open spreaders in 24", 30", 36", and 42"
- 3/32" Medium Flex or 1/8" Heavy Flex Titanium
- Rigged with Tuna Bits or Shell Squids

Newly ENHANCED Split-Tail Teaser Baits
After extensive testing of materials and design of the flap-style dredge baits, Tournament Cable has developed an innovative artificial bait that offers unique features not offered by others.

Tail fins are split and bent to create more natural action.

More durable and will not deteriorate or leave black marks on the boat.

Thinner and lightweight material creates less drag. 

Mylar flash can be added to enhance the baits' natural reflection of scales. 

Available in: 9" Ballyhoo, 9" Mullet, and 14" Bonita.


Tournament Cable's "HOO’S YOUR DADDY™WAHOO LURES and CUBAN HOLE-50 SERIES LURES have been upgraded! All individual lures and lure sets are now rigged with a single stainless needle eye hook, with 1oz keel weight, 600lb cable and 300lb BB swivel inside the skirt.  

That's right, "HOO’S YOUR DADDY™"?!

Rigged with the keel weight, the hook will always run with the point up.  We have found this to be a much better hook-set to increase hook-up ratios. Also, with the BB swivel as part of the rigging, the skirt of the lures will not have an adverse effect on the position of the hook in heavy weather situations…the point will always be upright.

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