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12 Days of Christmas List
*Gift wrapping does not apply to over-sized items.
12 Days of Christmas List

From large gifts to place under your tree, to stocking stuffers that are sure to please, we have it all!!

Our 12 Days of Christmas list has been a tradition that our customers have been enjoying for many years!  We offer some of the most popular products, at unbeatable prices, as wonderful gift ideas for your husbands, wives, captains, mates, friends, or even yourselves.  Tournament Cable tackle is sure to bring Christmas joy to your favorite angler! 

*Please allow additional processing time for custom orders, such as custom rigger stops, etc. 

Happy holidays and tight lines from all of us at Tournament Cable Inc!

 Item #  Description  Price   
 12D-01  Charter Harpoon 1 Piece, 7 1/2 ft. Reg. $359.95  $299.95  Add to Cart
 12D-02  Four Tony Maja Bunker Spoons - One in Each Size w/Leaders and Snap Swivels Reg. $169.95  $139.95  Add to Cart
 12D-03  Large Compound Action Bench Crimper for 1/8 through 1/32 Reg. $329.95  $289.95  Add to Cart
 12D-04  Tier-Drop Double w/19 9" Squid and Bucket Reg. $289.95  $229.95  Add to Cart
 12D-05  Set of 4 Rigged Hoo's Your Daddy Lures, Leaders & Weights for HIGH & LOW SPEED Trolling Reg. $349.95  $299.95  Add to Cart
 12D-06  Tuna Trap Kit for targeting Medium to Large Tuna with J Hooks Reg. $69.95  $49.95  Add to Cart
 12D-07  Custom Rigger Stops Pack of 5 Reg. $124.95  $99.95  Add to Cart
 12D-08  Shark Rig Kit w/Circle Hooks Reg. $159.95  $139.95  Add to Cart
 12D-09  Collapsible 36" Titanium Spreader w/Tuna Bits. Reg. $159.95  $129.95  Add to Cart
 12D-10  EZ/6 Dredge Kit w/19 14" Bonita and Flash Scales. Reg. $499.95  $399.95  Add to Cart
 12D-11  EZ/6 Tier Drop Triple Set - 30" 24" & 18" w/31 3D Stickbaits or Split Tail s Reg. $449.95  $369.95  Add to Cart
 12D-12  Standard Teaser Boom. Reg. $179.95  $149.95  Add to Cart
 12D-13  Bill Splitter 30 & 50 - Set of 4 Rigged 2 each. Reg. $239.95  $199.95  Add to Cart
 12D-15  Ilander Lure Set of 6 Rigged Reg. $219.95  $189.95  Add to Cart
 12D-16  Laceration Plug - Rigged Set of Four Reg. $149.95  $119.95  Add to Cart
 12D-17  36" Med Flex Splash/Bar w/Tuna Bits. Reg. $149.95  $119.95  Add to Cart
 12D-18  Set of 2 Rigged Hoo's Your Daddy Lures, Leaders & Weights for HIGH & LOW SPEED Trolling Reg.$189.95  $149.95  Add to Cart
 12D-19  Bucket Dredge Teaser w/Dyneema Tow Line and Weight Reg. $398.00  $298.00  Add to Cart
 12D-20  Mojo Kit - 20oz & 24oz with Parachutes, Rigged and in a storage box. Reg. $114.95  $89.95  Add to Cart
 12D-21  Pack of Four Rigged Assorted Joe Shute Lures Reg. 149.95  $119.95  Add to Cart
 12D-22  Gift Certificate Reg. $300.00  $255.00  Add to Cart
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