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    Tournament Cable has everything you need for rigging, from Bait Bucket Boards for onboard rigging to our renowned Tournament Cable Ballyhoo Cleaning Tools… from our Eyeball Remover/ De-Boner Tools to our Beyond The Basics Ballyhoo Rigging DVD… from Rigging & Sewing Needles to Crimpers to the revolutionary Cooler Gimble™, Tournament Cable has it. Manufactured with quality and utility in mind, all Tournament Cable Rigging Tools and Accessories are designed to give you the competitive edge and take your game to the next level.

     Item #  Description  Price   
     200SF-1  Fiskars Mono Cutters - Quick Release  $16.95  Add to Cart
     200SK- 19  Cable Cutters Felco C7   $64.95  Add to Cart
     800BRR-1  R-6260 Hand Crimpers for 1/8 through 1/32  $141.95  Add to Cart
     800BRR-2  Heavy Duty Swagger Hand Crimpers for 1/8 through 1/32  $141.95  Add to Cart
     800BRR-3  Large Compound Action Bench Crimper for 1/8 through 1/32  $329.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-10  Ratchet Style Hand Crimpers  $179.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-10A  Eye Remover and De-Boner Tools  $54.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-5  Kit - Ballyhoo Rigging Tools  $54.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-7  Two Leader Needles for Mono up to 500lb.test  $69.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-7A  Two Cleaning Tools for Small or Large Ballyhoo  $39.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-8  Wind-On (Splicing Leader) Needle Set to 600lb Mono  $99.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-8A  Complete DaHo Set w/7 Needles, 3 Loop Pullers & 3 Latch Needles  $129.95  Add to Cart
     800BRT-9  Rigging and Sewing Needles  $12.95  Add to Cart
     800DVD-1  "Beyond The Basics Ballyhoo DVD" With 4 New Ways to Rig, Step By Step  $24.95  Add to Cart
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