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An IGFA legal release teaser
    With the release clip at the top of the 24" mast above the main teaser baits streaming from the spreader bar there is now a combination of teaser and release that works. No tangles, easy to deploy both the individual rigged baits and lures and the teaser.

    Teaser is run from a teaser reel or the like from the riggers and the rigged bait from whatever set-up you're using. Both are completely separate and IGFA legal. Upon a hook up the line will snap out of the clip and you are now fighting the fish without any teaser connected to the line during the fight. All legal.

    Set the individual lure or rigged bait out in the spread and lower the teaser. Attach the line to the clip and adjust the distance behind the teaser so it is just trailing far enough  behind to look like the straggler. Adjust the combination to run in the spread where it best rides.

    Rigged with 14 9" heavy squids and 2 5" birds on each end.Available in 3 colors and shipped in a mesh storage bag.
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     400-IGFA  Release Teaser 36" w/14 9" Squids  $289.95  Add to Cart
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