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Pulling Dredges or Deep Dropping-Nothing Compares

    Tournament Cable is pleased to partner with Lindgren-Pitman to bring you the very best in deep-drop, dredge and teaser electric reels: the LP S-1200. At the top of the game, LP makes the most durable, high quality electric reels on the market, so it was only logical to partner with them to maintain the standard of quality we bring our customers.

    Whether you need it for deep dropping, dredges, teasers, or for effectively fishing any other piece of Tournament Cable gear, the Lindgren Pitman S-1200 is the way to go.

    Available for immediate delivery.

    For matching Dredge Rods click here

    *NOTE: Tournament Cable promotional discounts do not apply to LP Products*

    Before you purchase these reels....ask how they will be spooled.

    If you are looking to purchase a complete set up or two, contact us for a package price.

    Deep Dropping line spooled on LP spools click here.

     Item #  Description  Price   
     LP-S1200-B  Deep Dropping Set-Up. Rod, Reel, Line,   $5,995.00  Add to Cart
     LP-S1200-GFN  LP S-1200 Electric Reel with Nylon Spool  $4,995.95  Add to Cart
     LP-S1200-TTN  LP S-1200 Electric Reel with Titanium Spool  $5,695.95  Add to Cart
     LP-SAQRH  LP S-1200 Quick Release Hub  $39.95  Add to Cart
     LP-SLP-GFN  LP S-1200 Spare Spool - Glass Filled Nylon  $99.95  Add to Cart
     LP-SLP-TTN  LP S-1200 Spare Spool - Titanium  $699.95  Add to Cart
     LP-SV2400  LP-SV2400 Electric Reel with Nylon Spool  $8,750.00  Add to Cart
    click description for item detail all prices are in US Dollars
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