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The wait is over.  THEY’RE BACK.  The teaser you knew and loved from back in the day has made its reappearance, Gooney Birds™ are back and better than ever.  Hands-down the best action of any teaser, ever, the TOURNAMENT CABLE GOONEY BIRD™ TEASERS are here to take your spread to the next level.  No other teaser on the market has action like this.  Check out the above video and you’ll agree: they’re incredible.


Made to Tournament Cable’s specifications and produced here in the USA, the Gooney Bird’s™ erratic side-to-side swimming action makes this sub-surface teaser stand head and shoulders above the rest.  The darting back and forth will amaze you, and regardless of the speed you troll the birds travel the full extent of the dropper lengths.  Made of high-impact resin and not requiring weight to keep it submerged, the best part of these teasers is their versatility, and the fact that you can target almost any specie with them.  They are equally as effective at 3 knots trolling for Giant Bluefin Tuna as they are at 8 knots looking for Yellow Fin, or Wahoo, and they are DEADLY for Big Eye.

Another feature that makes these teasers stand head and shoulders above the rest is the special UV Additive in each pin, which magnifies the ultraviolet spectrum and increases the Birds visibility through the water column.  To the human eye it'll remind you of a fish lighting up.  But fish can see the ultraviolet spectrum, so it adds a whole new dimension of visibility when it comes to attracting the specie you're targeting.


Running as Cleat Teasers or rigged with a lure as part of a Daisy Chain, these unique teasers are currently available in the 4in, 7in, and 13in models.  The main Gooney Bird ™ Teaser Harness is made of 900lb Test Hand-Spliced Dyneema, and attached to 600lb Test 3-Way Brass Swivels.  Dyneema has a much greater strength while maintaining a much smaller diameter (equivalent to 300lb mono), and far outperforms comparable Monos or vinyl coated cable.  Dyneema is also a much more supple product, and will not hinder the action nor potentially damage the birds.  At the end of each Harness there is a heavy snap swivel for attaching a lure or a bait combo, or potentially another Gooney Bird™.  The Gooney Birds ™ themselves are connected to the 3-Way Swivels with lengths of 300lb test Mono for appropriate swimming action.


It’s been seven years since these beasts were on the market.  Don’t let another day go by.  You’re going to want these for your next trip, so be sure to get your Gooney Bird™ Teasers Today!

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