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Run 2 to 3ft in front of any rigged bait or lure

A perfect set-up for all types of prey, the Tournament Cable Deep Runner presents a concentrated bait ball, with the option of having the weight rigged inline, hidden within the bait ball. These small, 12in teasers are designed to run ahead of a rigged bait or lure, giving the appearance of a small school of bait just ahead of a straggler. They come rigged with 24oz, 32oz, 48oz or 64oz weights (or unrigged if you’d prefer to run a Stretch-type plug with it), and each Deep Runner has free-swinging arms for a more natural bait action in the water.

Tournament Cable Deep Runners are made with a precision machined Stainless Hub and a 700lb Aussie-style swivel. 600lb stainless cable is connected at the swivel on one end, with a 320lb Ball Bearing Snap Swivel crimped to the other end. The arms are spring stainless, and each swivel sleeve connection has a protective cap. Plus… the entire setup lays flat for easy storage.

Tournament Cable Deep Runners should be trolled from a 50lb outfit for best results, and leaders attached to the snap swivel should be kept to about 36in.

The Virginia boys swear by these Deep Runners rigged with our 3D Stickbaits, and an Ilander/Ballyhoo combo run just behind them.

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