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Those Deadly Dredges!
Article on Dredge Teaser "...one of the latest and hottest subsurface fish-attractors is the dredge teaser. Whether it’s trolled off the Northeast, Florida, the Bahamas, the Gulf of Mexico or Southern California, the dredge has proven to be a potent fish-raiser. And the word is spreading rapidly!"
   -  By George Poveromo
Wind-Ons: Making and Fishing Wind-On Leaders
Making wind-on leaders "Tips and guidelines for constructing and fishing wind-on leaders."
   -  By Chuck Richardson
Tuna Traps: Step by Step
Tuna Trap how-to How to properly rig a tuna trap
"Tuna being as line shy as they are will avoid any bait with a heavy leader. With tuna traps you can use light leaders or even tie them directly to your main line."
   -  by Chuck Richardson
Winning with Wind-On Leaders
Expert Advice on Choosing and Using the Right Leader
"No matter what style of fishing you enjoy or what size fish you pursue, wind-on leaders offer numerous advantages while increasing crewmembers' safety during the end game... there are no good reasons not to use wind-on leaders."
   -  by Chuck Richardson
Cable Wind-On Leaders
"...your baits and lures will run deeper and track better in all weather conditions with a less cumbersome, more supple and stronger leader."
   -  by Chuck Richardson
Heavy Weather Ballyhoo
"Adding some weight to a naked ballyhoo rig allows you to keep it in the water and in the strike zone."
   -  by Chuck Richardson
A Better Double-Hook Ballyhoo Rig
"...an innovative double-hook rig...so flexible that the swimming ability of a finely rigged bait is not diminished."
   -  by Capt. Pete Barrett
Eliminating Wind-On Confusion
"...Why is something that is written about so frequently and touted as so important not being used?"
   -  by Chuck Richardson
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