Are All Spreader Bars Created Equal? – Part 4

Here at Tournament Cable we rig all our spreader bar teaser lines with 150lb test Momoi. Our center lines actually vary – 250lb test Momoi on the Medium Flex Bars, and 300lb test Momoi on the Heavy Flex Bars. But we terminate every center line with a 250lb BB Snap Swivel to make for easy changing of the stingers.

Hooks are always Southern Tuna style.

We rig our larger stinger lures with 600lb test stainless cable inside the skirt, and the smaller stingers with double leader inside the skirt. Chafe gear is applied on all necessary connections.

There are a lot of ways we could cut corners in rigging our spreader bars. But we’d rather do a quality rigging job, and make it count. You don’t put in all that effort and preparation to get out there, only to do a halfhearted job fishing. So we won’t do a halfhearted job making your tackle.
Rigged with cable.

Rigged with Double Mono Leader

All bars are balanced in-house and all crimp connection are made with the proper bench-crimping tools. Completed bars are supplied and shipped in a custom storage bag.

All teaser lures and stinger lures are made in the USA.

Tuna Snack Stingers large and small.

Tuna Bit Teaser baits.

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