Are All Spreader Bars Created Equal? – Part 2

Quality is definitely a focal point here at Tournament Cable, and we hope that shows through our products, and the pride we take in them. Continuing on the spreader bar comparison, we’d like to take a little time to compare teaser connections.

spreader 1

Teaser connections, in theory, can be made of any way you need to. Any port in a storm. Does that make them good connections, or a good idea? No. On this competitor’s bar the end connection is nothing more than a household stainless screw eye crimped on the bar. Is it a connection point? Yes. Is it a good one? You tell me.

spreader 2
Tournament Cable bars have swivel sleeves tightly crimped as their connection points. These components are specifically designed and made to provide the strongest, sturdiest connection possible for your teaser baits. Yes, any port in a storm works when you’re in a storm. But when you’ve got the time and ability to do it right for just a little extra – do it right.

spreader 3

And lastly, as a preventative measure to prevent scratching the boat or someone’s eye during the end-game, Tournament Cable presses on vinyl cap protectors. It just makes sense.

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