Are All Spreader Bars Created Equal? – Part 1

You can’t compare any other spreader bar on the market to a Tournament Cable Spreader Bar. There is simply no comparison. No other bar can even come close when it comes to the quality of the materials and rigging.

Today we’ll talk about hub design – as you can see we have a precision machined hub of stainless steel. Most other bars on the market are either a small piece of plastic with holes drilled in it, or even an egg sinker.


In the above pictures, the two competitor bars (to the right) show the center line running right through their version of a hub. The line is then crimped on both sides to secure it in place. That would be great, but crimps on a center line weaken and lessen the break strength of the mono of that line. It may seem more efficient, but ultimately it works against you.

In order to maintain connection strength, Tournament Cable spreader bar hubs (on the left) incorporate a 300lb Aussie swivel for the center line connection. Your snap goes right to the head of the hub, and the center line is attached to the Aussie Swivel. That means less lost fish, and a longer lasting bar.

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