Methods of Lure Rigging

There a few methods to use when creating a stop on the lure leader to correctly position a hook within the skirt. From the simple to the elaborate, you’ve got some options to choose from.


The first method would be to just lay the hook and leader where you want it and crimp a stop just behind the lure head.


Similarly, if you want to add beads to the leader just slide them on and again measure where the stop should be crimped onto the leader.


Another method would be to twist the leader so it forms a double line and crimp it by the head. This will not only correctly position the hook but will also provide extra protection where it’s needed most.


For light lures you can add an egg weight to the leader as part of the stop along with the leader crimp.


If the skirt is long enough cable can also be used.


And for a lure that will have double hooks the measuring process is the same.


So you’ve got options.  Lots of people have an opinion on which is “better” or “worse.”  You use the one that works best for you.

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