When can you use Needle Eye Hooks?

So when can you use Needle Eyes? It’s very simple…..Needle Eye hooks can be used in any application you would use a ring eye but it must be rigged with single strand wire or cable, not mono. This can’t be over emphasized.

If you’re rigging natural baits or lures and you think the cable or wire required for the needle eye hook will not in any way take away from the finished bait or lure, then it will be fine. On the other hand if you feel mono is the right choice to go with then a ring eye must be used.

Note: some have asked about the old cedar plugs where the opening for the hook is too small for a ring eye. The only hook that will fit is a needle eye, but they don’t want to use single strand wire for the leader. My answer is to use the mono then, but when you lose the fish it’s all on you.

Tomorrow we’ll talk about some of the advantages of needle eyes over ring eyes.

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