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Lay the Tuna Trap on the Butterfish to get an idea where
it will sit once inside the bait.

With a sharp bait knife cut the Butterfish just behind the Trap. Cut all the way thru the bait so you have a so-called chunk.

Insert the bait knife into the Butterfish. Keep the knife on only one side of the backbone and form a small pocket for the Trap to rest in. You do not have to remove any entrails just make a slit.

With an open eye needle enter the bait at the slit and push it thru until it comes out of the mouth.

Wrap or tie the line from your rod & reel to the needle and pull the line back thru the bait and out the slit. Tie or crimp the end of the line to the ring on the trap. Note: if you have a leader attached to the Tuna Trap insert the needle in the mouth and come out the slit. Attach the needle to the end of the leader and pull it thru and out the mouth.

Pull the line or leader from the mouth and start to pull the Trap into the bait.

When the trap reaches the bait you will have to help or push the trap into the slit. Push the trap and pull on the leader until the trap is completely hidden in the bait.

If you want to use a whole Butterfish there is one difference in the rigging. Instead of cutting the bait all the way thru just cut a slit in one side of the Butterfish. Do not go all the way thru. Everything is then done the same as described above.

Chuck Richardson
Stone Harbor, New Jersey
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