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STEP 1 -   You'll need 42 inches of Dacron to make a 12-inch double splice (see table to match Dacron to leader strength). With a tight half-hitch, secure a rubber band around the Dacron at the halfway point. Double over a piece of single-strand wire at least 48 inches long, making a tight loop with a pair of pliers. Feed the looped end of the wire into one end of the Dacron, carefully pushing until you reach the rubber band. At this point, push the wire loop out the side of the Dacron. Put the other end of the Dacron through the wire loop. Now pull the wire, with Dacron tag attached, all the way back through and out of the Dacron. Remove the wire. Now you have an inner and outer piece of Dacron.

STEP 2 -   Hold the inner piece of Dacron and push the outer piece back, bunching it up toward the rubber band. Prepare mono to be spliced by cutting it cleanly, then mark it with a pen 12 inches from the end. Lightly heat the tip of the mono with a flame and tap with your finger to form a small mushroom cap. Feed the leader material into the Dacron until reaching the 12-inch mark to make the inner splice. It's not necessary to scratch or sand the mono before splicing.

STEP 3 -   At the point where the inner Dacron meets the mark on the mono, apply a drop of Superglue or similar adhesive. Smooth it out and let dry.

STEP 4 -   Hold the Dacron tightly at the rubber band and work the bunched-up material back down and over the entire inner splice. Go about an inch past this point and complete the outer splice by gluing as in Step 3. Secure the Dacron loop to something solid, then stretch and secure the leader material -- this makes it easier to apply the serving. Trim any long threads of Dacron at the point where the leader enters. Double a piece of waxed thread or dental floss and start a series of tight half-hitches about a half-inch up the Dacron side of the splice. Continue past the junction of the two materials and onto the leader for another half-inch. Finish the servings with a three-wrap uni knot, trim and apply a little superglue. The finished servings should be about an inch long.